Kuressaare Adults`Gymnasium (KTG) is the only general education school for adults in Saaremaa carried out in non-stationary form.

Non-stationary studies are aimed at adult learners, with independent learning making up a larger share compared to lessons within standard stationary studies. In addition, various services are offered supporting the development of students, such as counselling, individual consultations, and mentoring.

The teaching arrangement is flexible in KTG: learners have a chance to choose according to their capabilities evening, diurnal, or e-learning. In the case of e-learning, the number of contact hours is small and is intended, in particular, for students who work or whose work is outside Saaremaa. E-learning options are also used by parents of young children and those who are not fit for other forms of study.

The school also offers individual studies - it is part-time study where the learner chooses a lesser load for one academic year according to his or her potential, thus planning a period of study longer than three years. In adult upper secondary school, it is possible to acquire education in extramural/external studies and take/pass only final examinations.

In addition to providing adult learners with general education, KTG also conducts various paid and free courses for adults. There is also a learning support department in KTG where it is possible to take paid remedial lessons for those who do not study at KTG. KTG is the only school in Saaremaa where maritime education can be acquired alongside general education, and take/pass a sailor's professional exam.

The purpose of the continuing studies in Kuressaare Adults` Gymnasium is supporting the non-native population in learning Estonian, continuing education and increasing the competitiveness in the labor market. Mostly, Estonian is taught to non-Estonians on the basis of the Russian language and English to accommodate different language levels. In addition to the Estonian language, non-Estonians have the opportunity to acquire basic and general upper secondary education in Kuressaare Adults` Gymnasium. The school supports the integration of learners into general studies and adaptation to Estonian culture.

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